High school is a time of mixed emotions, friendships, hardships, successes and failures, and these emotions can lead to stress. These pressures become a daily struggle for middle school and high school students. However, there is a way you can cope with stress in high school and push back those nasty pressures whether they are from parents, teachers and/or yourself. These are some helpful ways to help teens get through high school with less stress.


Take Some Time Off For Yourself

Take some time off and focus on yourself for a moment, to tackle school stress, your health is most important. Everyone needs sleep and nutritious foods to energise themselves for the long days ahead. However, if you do not attain the full hours of recommended sleep, as a growing high school student, you may start to experience stress when you start to feel the pressures from high school. If you are not mentally and physically ready to deal with stress, it will be the first thing that impacts you when you start to worry about an abundance of things at once, such as your grades and social life.

Taking some time to pause from all your high school stresses, and taking that time off to enjoy yourself through hobbies will effectively reduce the stress that has been eating you up. Make sure to regenerate yourself in this way religiously to keep stress from getting the best of you!


Learn To Change The Way You Think

Changing the way you think is also an effective way of reducing stress. The way you perceive things in life determines if you are an optimistic or pessimistic person. “Is the cup half empty or half full?” get it? If you change the way you think about high school, homework, exams, friendships, the rest of your high school life leading to adulthood will be a breeze!


For example, an exam is approaching.
An optimistic high school student will respond with “That’s ok! As long as I try my best, there is nothing to worry about!” But a pessimistic high school student will respond with “I have so much study to do, I don’t know where to start, why do I need to do an exam? I’m not good enough”. Do you see which high school student will bear more stress in the same situation? Therefore, depending on how you see things, your life will be either more miserable or more of a breeze! It is your choice!


Take Assignments One Step At A Time

A common fear that high school students share are assignments which just take forever to complete! This explains why most of these assignments are completed in the last minute! Most students find that they don’t know what to do and where to start! One tip I will personally share with you are this set of steps to start your assignment with minimal effort in the most effective way possible!



  1. Make sure you know the title/topic of the report. You don’t need to know everything you need to include in the report yet! Just save space for your title!
  2. Create the framework of the report. If you’re sure there will be paragraphs then how many do you think there will be? Label the topics each of the paragraphs will represent?
  3. Now that you have the structure nailed down (which you can choose to change later on) you can start to include dot points from the marking guidelines! Always refer to the marking guidelines to ensure you don’t miss a thing. Like below!

You may then think, “this is nothing!” “I am no where close to finishing!” “I haven’t even started writing yet?” Well this is the secret to success! Would you rather write the report from scratch? Or would you rather have this framework and fill in the boxes before tying the report together without worrying about missing anything? You won’t be stuck on what to include or what to write about if you follow this method! You also then don’t have to stress out about whether you have included everything you needed and if the essay you produce will follow the marking guidelines! I’m sure your high school stress days will be over with this method!


English Essays

If you don’t have a report but an english essay instead, make sure you write out the question you are trying to answer, create mini profiles for your main text and related text, and finally have a list of techniques, evidence/examples and explanations ready to be put in each of the paragraphs! Once you have these key points, start writing! It doesn’t matter if you make your essay conversational or unconcise! The point now is that you have already created your first copy! And that took minimal effort! The purpose of starting is so you can start drafting and polishing or refining your essay afterwards! Do you trust that you will be able to write your essay in one go and be comfortable with handing that in? Probably not the first copy…right?


Lower Your Expectations

Often, high school students find themselves stressing over every mark they get! These competitive situations that high school students are put in every day create tremendous amounts of long lasting stress! You have the typical high school student who sobs after receiving a 95% mark for their assignment/exam but you also have the student who is grateful and feels accomplished from receiving 60%!!! Ok maybe the differences are too big there but, if all high school students strived to do their best for the same exam and if all students received 80%… Those with low expectations who tried their best to get the 80% will be over the moon while others would have wished they had tried harder to get that 90%. The message is, if you lower your expectations, then you won’t be disappointed, because disappointment is reflective of a pessimistic state of mind.


However, some may argue that the expectations are not their own but their parents’. It is true that they encourage you to be the best at what you do with good intentions but these good intentions not only causes stress in high school but also in the home environment (the best place to relax and rest?). They want you to have academic achievements to be your main focus as a high school student, so they push you to try harder and hopefully achieve better marks than any other high school student. But, those who don’t have or have minimal parental demands may even enjoy and seek to study in their own time, which is much more memorable and effective. You can speak to your parents about stress and perhaps when they understand how you feel, they will back down a little and let you study at your own pace. This is not an opportunity to slack off!


Stay Healthy During Exam Periods!

Make sure you and your high school friends are eating full meals of nutritious brain foods in exam periods to maximise all of your full potentials whilst also reducing the amount of stress you will have to endure! Keeping this type of diet may be hard all year round but be sure to use everything to your advantage to increase your study load and cope with stress naturally with a full stomach and an optimistic attitude!


Best of Luck!


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