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Finding the right tutor can be hard

These are some of the problems you might experience when looking for one:

  • Too expensive for the value you get

  • Not familiar with the New Syllabus

  • Tutor can’t explain difficult concepts

  • Waste your time by teaching from a textbook

  • Resources are not structured

  • Does not explain concepts from First Principles

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  • Gabe Avatar


    5 star rating

    Apart from chemistry, I've learnt so much from the teachers at Synergy. They all have amazing life experiences and their... read more

    Darren Ha Avatar

    Darren Ha

    5 star rating

    The teachers at Synergy have inspired me to start a career in engineering. I want to thank them for their... read more

    Aaron Lam Avatar

    Aaron Lam

    5 star rating

    Before coming to this tutoring, I didn't understand the various concepts of chemistry and how to answer the questions. However,... read more

  • Abi Avatar


    5 star rating

    After being at Synergy for a term, my ranking for physics went from average to top

    Kelly Xiao Avatar

    Kelly Xiao

    5 star rating

    After I joined Synergy I became more confident, motivated and started enjoying studying physics and chemistry. My marks have improved... read more

    Amal Joyson Avatar

    Amal Joyson

    5 star rating

    Synergy really helped understand concepts in chemistry and physics.

  • Shabrina Yusri Avatar

    Shabrina Yusri

    5 star rating

    I've been going to Synergy for the past year for Ext 2 Maths, and honestly they are really great at... read more

    Prima Sutandyo Avatar

    Prima Sutandyo

    5 star rating

    The teachers are really easy to communicate too, really helpful and they explain both easy and hard concepts very simply.

    Shimron Pun Avatar

    Shimron Pun

    5 star rating

    Synergy teachers are enthusiastic and dedicated to their work and students. Their attentiveness to each and every one of us... read more

  • Kristie Chandra Avatar

    Kristie Chandra

    5 star rating

    Synergy is dedicated to its students. The resources contained really useful exam techniques. They also strived to ensure we fully... read more

    Jarin Hossain Avatar

    Jarin Hossain

    5 star rating

    Great materials, resources and teaching that really focus on exam preparation. The teachers are really approachable when it comes to... read more

    Richard Shi Avatar

    Richard Shi

    5 star rating

    Clear, well-structured theory booklets which address syllabus dotpoints effectively + teachers that know their stuff and are relatable. Oh and... read more

  • Brandon Huynh Avatar

    Brandon Huynh

    5 star rating

    Synergy has created an effective learning culture. They have really great teachers who push you to exceed expectations.

    Natalie Chandra Avatar

    Natalie Chandra

    5 star rating

    Synergy has helped me so much with chemistry and ext 1 math. I was able to achieve a band 6... read more

    Bruce Qi Avatar

    Bruce Qi

    5 star rating

    I've been here for the past year and my marks in chemistry and physics have improved greatly. Great resources, teachers,... read more