Diagrams supply visual aid in understanding concepts in content heavy subjects such as economics. Throughout the whole Preliminary and HSC Economics course, diagrams will be used to describe situations in which are hard to explain through words. Diagrams are essential in economic essays as they supply markers with the visual translstion they need to understand your explanations. Including diagrams also saves you plenty of time in exam conditions which is always a bonus! But your diagrams must be perfect or you might risk losing marks. Here we will go through everything you need to produce the best diagrams for economics!

Use a Ruler

This goes without saying. If you are giong to draw a graph or any diagram, a ruler is a must in order to produce any satisfactory diagram. If you forget your ruler then don’t fret. You can always find anything that has a straight side such as your ID card that probably will be sitting on top of your desk in exam conditions! Or you could even use the side of a spare pen you might have on the side! Surely, you bring two or more pens to a test?…

Lead Pencil

Teachers always remind students that they need to bring pencils as well as pens into any exam because they might run into a question that requires drawing a diagram. Some schools are not too strict if students draw graphs in pen and the diagrams look great, but the reason for bringing lead pencils is that you can fix mistakes. Therefore, to play safe and get every mark you can in exams.. Bring a lead pencil. When you bring the lead pencil also, don’t forget to bring an eraser! Otherwise, what’s the point!?

The Larger, The Better

Many students draw diagrams that are just too small. Even if you can see all the details in the diagram, it is much more preferred by teachers and markers of your economics homework, essays and exams if your diagrams were large and easy to understand. Remember, they have plenty of essays to mark and you don’t want to be the one who stands out for stressing the teacher out from your tiny graph!


The most important aspect to graphs are labelling. If you don’t label your graphs, teachers will give you a hard time! Always remember to correctly label your graphs so that teachers don’t have to do any guess work and mark you down for it. Be sure to label the whole diagram with a title. The axis with the right titles and measuring units.

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