Hold onto your seats kids, your school year is about to change a whole lot.

If you’re a somewhat woke high school student in the Sydney suburbs, you probably know that on January 1st 2017, the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) replaced the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES). According to NESA, they’ve implemented a streamlined syllabus development process that prioritises NSW student needs, national interests and change in society.  So putting aside the fact that this is mostly meaningless to the average student, how will this affect the new incoming cohort of Year 11 students?

New syllabus leaves students with semi-redundant past papers.

That’s right, this year the HSC is undergoing quite a significant (and arguably overdue) facelift. Despite the overhaul and its impact on student resources, NESA argues this update will provide more and better opportunities for students to gain practical expertise for whatever fields they choose to pursue in the future. So if you’re going into Year 11 and you’re taking English, Mathematics, Science and/or History, congratulations you’re getting a whole set of brand new dot points to learn. And yes, this means you will also enter Year 12 and be the first to complete your 2019 HSC examinations that are significantly different to the ones your predecessors took.

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What does this mean for students who need extra tutoring?

As with any new changes, there is often a lag between what is prescribed and practiced. This means your current coaching centre may not have adequately prepared their notes and classes to cover the new syllabus. Here at Synergy Education, we’ve wasted absolutely no time in preparing for the changes and have completely reshaped and rewritten our course outline to cover all the new content. Our talented teachers are up to speed on the latest rubric points and best of all, our comprehensive, topic focused classes start from $30 an hour.

What makes Synergy different?

SO, unlike other tutoring services, we’ve proactively prepared for the new topics introduced in the new syllabuses. This means our students have access to brand new study guides, practice papers and online learning modules, all been updated and ready to be distributed. Even better, our new syllabus classes have already started! Enrolments are open now and you can sign up for a free class trial.

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Here at Synergy Education, we believe in making tutoring fun, invigorating and useful. We utilise every available platform to assist our students, such as our innovative online portal (LMS) for student content, Facebook etc. Need help? We’ll be there.

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