About UMAT

UMAT is the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). This test assists in selecting suitable students for undergraduate medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs.


What is in the UMAT Exams?

The UMAT is designed to assess general attributes and abilities of candidates from prior experiences from learning, specifically skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, understanding people and abstract nonverbal reasoning. It is an aptitude test. UMAT is not curriculum-based and expects no student to have studied any prerequisite subjects at secondary level. It does not require any knowledge or skills in mathematics or science, or any other area of the curriculum. Therefore, UMAT is designed to complement your academic results, not replicate them. It is also not a personality or IQ Test. The candidates who attain the required results to enter any of the courses will have a chance to enrol in universities listed below. Other universities may not require you to have a UMAT score.


Eligibility for UMAT ?

The minimum requirement for eligibility of the exam is to have completed their final year of secondary school/Year 12 (HSC). Although the UMAT is available to any candidate planning to complete their HSC, they must have completed their HSC to be able to register.


How Do I Register for UMAT?

Register for your UMAT Exam here. It costs $260 to sit the exam.
The email you register for your account with will be used for all communication from the UMAT Office, including your Exam Admission Ticket and Results.
Registrations open in Early December 2017
Registrations close on 1 June 2018
Exam is scheduled on 25 Saturday, July 2018
Results released Mid September 2018


UMAT Results?

Your results will be provided to all the participating Universities for the purpose of selecting applicants for interview. Thus, your test results email will be sent to you on the same email address you registered for your exam. This email will notify you of when your results are available through your online account with UMAT. Your UMAT Exam results will be released in mid September 2018.


Participating Universities

You will need a UMAT Score to apply for admission to any of the following course found in the Universities listed below


University that require UMAT in NSWCourse
New South Wales Charles Sturt University Dental Science
The University of Newcastle/ University of New England Joint Medical Program
The University of New South Wales Medicine
Western Sydney University Medicine
Northern Territory Charles Darwin University Clinical Sciences
Queensland The University of Queensland .Medicine(Provisional entry)

.Dental Science  

South Australia The University of Adelaide.Medicine

.Dental Surgery

Flinders University Clinical Sciences/Medicine
Tasmania University of Tasmania Medicine
Victoria La Trobe University .Health Sciences in Dentistry

.Master of Dentistry

Monash University Medicine
Western Australia Curtin University Medicine
The University of Western Australia .Medicine (Direct Pathway)

.Dental Medicine (“ ”)

New ZealandThe University of AucklandMedicine
University of Otago.Medicine
.Dental Surgery

For More Information, Download The Updated Information Booklet for UMAT2018 HERE.


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